I hereby apply for membership of the New Orleans Metro Area Mountain Bike Organization (NOMAMBO). I undertake to adhere to the rules of NOMAMBO as well as the rules of IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association). I understand that mountain biking can be dangerous and, on behalf of myself, my family and any personal representatives, I release and forever discharge NOMAMBO, it’s members, sponsors, promoters and any other person or organization involved with NOMAMBO from all and any liability, claim or cost to myself or my property arising directly or indirectly out of my traveling to, attendance at or participation in any activity of NOMAMBO. I irrevocably waive and claim which I may have against NOMAMBO or its members, officers, directors, and affiliates arising from any cause whatsoever, including gross negligence, which may arise from my traveling, attendance or participation as aforesaid. I certify that above information if correct and that I have read and understand the contents.

The membership dues go towards helping pay trail maintenance, club insurance, race insurance, and funds to help put on events and races.

NOMAMBO annual membership dues are $35.00 and include IMBA Membership. Membership is renewed annually.