What is NOMAMBO?

NOMAMBO is the New Orleans Metro Area Mountain Bike Organization. We formed in March 2003, under partnership with the Corps of Engineers and sanctioned by IMBA (International Mountain Bike Organization) to build a multi-use trail system (hiking/biking) at the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway in Norco, LA.

Mountain biking in New Orleans?

YES! Since NOMAMBO’s conception we have had a goal of bringing riders out to the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway Trail and at the same time brought awareness of the sport of mountain biking to the community. We have completed a 5.5 mile loop of twisty singletrack with new additions of free-ride stunts, jumps and pump-track (future construction). As always we strive to develop more while continuing to improve our existing trail. We have set up exhibits, sponsored all ages group rides / beginner skill clinics, and participated in national clean up efforts in improving our local parks. We host monthly meetings, workdays, and periodic races. NOMAMBO’s membership has continued to strive while our reputation throughout the state and across the country is getting stronger. Hurricane Katrina caused havoc on our trail but our members stepped up and brought the trail back to life. A lot has happened to NOMAMBO since the IMBA Trail Care Crew broke ground in March of 2003. And we still have the same passion we did in the beginning — we want to ride! We want to continue to organize a group of riders who share the same interest. What can you do? Join NOMAMBO’s efforts as we continue to succeed and spread the word about mountain biking!