Mountain biking has becoming a huge trend in the past few decades, especially since so many still learn how much adrenaline this sport gives. This is why, there are new mountain biking beginners more and more. Learning the basics is hard, but with the proper guidance, even adults who are mountain biking beginners can become pros, which makes this sport beginner-friendly as well.

Don’t get us wrong, its hard and challenging, just like other sports. However, due to how much fun mountain biking is, it is a really rewarding sport, even if you are one of the mountain biking beginners.

So regardless of who you are – a pro, a beginner or if you haven’t started yet, but feel enthusiastic about doing so, you are in the right place. We have the knowledge of the basics, the info on the news and the most helpful tips and tricks for mountain biking. Those who are interested in online entertainment will be delighted to hear that we will also talk about mobile casino software developers that make biking-themed slots which you can play both for free and for real money in online casinos. So stay tuned and continue reading.

About New Orleans Mountain Biking

It is a well-known fact that the New Orleans mountain biking community is a well-developed one, and even if you aren’t a local but a tourist, you’ll easily find your way towards bike rental, biking lessons and have a chance to visit some of the best mountain biking trails in USA.

There are two very popular New Orleans mountain biking trails that you have to visit if you ever get the chance. First, there is the Bonnet Carre Spillway Trail, which is a challenging one, so we’d recommend this one only if you know your way around it. For mountain biking beginners however, we suggest the City Park Trail which has some challenging parts, but it is mostly beginner-friendly.

From the more challenging trails, we can also recommend the Lower Guide Levee Road or the Access Road, both are pretty difficult, but the adrenaline is inevitable!

Know the Basics of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking beginners need to learn the basics in order to get in the wonderful world of this amazing sport. So, if you are amongst those mountain biking beginners who have no idea of the basics, this part of the article is for you.

The basics of mountain biking is riding a bike over harder terrains – over rocks, hills, across streams, etc. Sometimes this can be terrifying but in its essence, biking across mountains can be very exciting and fun.

Still, there are certain things that you need to know before doing it. For instance, you need to learn how to be in a comfort zone while being terrified at the same time. This means that you need to get a bike you trust, and when you do so, half of your job is done.

You need to train how to shift your weight depending on the need of the terrain. This way, you stay safe and have no chance of tumbling down. Moreover, you should have in mind that you need to use all the basics gears and equipment.

Lastly, you need to know the basics of bike repairs. You don’t want to end up stranded somewhere because of a bolt falling over. Even the most reliable bikes can sometimes break down, so learning the bike-repair basics can be of help too.

Mountain Biking Beginners Gear

Previously, we mentioned that you need to use the gear, and this should always be on the basics lessons.

The basics lessons always include wearing the necessary gear like a helmet – it is the most expensive one, but it might save your life in case of a bad fall. Also, you need padded clothes, especially on the knees and elbows. These keep you comfortable and keep you safe as well. For better dexterity, you’ll need gloves and eyewear too. Don’t forget the water, staying hydrated is important too. Lastly, having a repair kit with you can always come in handy.

The Most Popular Biking Competitions

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What is the best state for mountain biking?

Mountain biking is popular across the world, which is why almost all states have their own biking communities that get together and have small competitions. However, due to geographical reasons, some states have the best trails and the best facilities for mountain biking. We’ve done the research, and we concluded that Utah is by far, the best choice for mountain biking enthusiasts. It has the city Moab which is basically an extremely large mountain biking terrain. So, if you want to get the best possible experience – this is where you should go to.