Spillway Trail Description

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
Length: One complete loop = 5.5 miles
Elevation: Mostly flat
Trail Type: Singletrack, bridge crossings made of wood and metal grating
Trailbed Sediment: River bottom (clay), hard-packed dirt, some sand
Seasons: Open year round (unless closed due to poor conditions – will be marked at trailhead)
Hazards: Highest heat/humidity in June – August, poisonous plants (off trail path), various wildlife (snakes in summer months)
Direction/Flow: CLOCKWISE
Modified old ATV trail which runs parallel to adjacent canal, trail meanders in and out and over old spoil piles dumped in wooded area.


From the trailhead to the turn-around the trail overall is flat and fast. Enter into the “Headless Horse” into “Freesôns” which are short curvy sections which open into a large right-of-way across short grating bridges. The “Zephyr” and “G.A.Z.Z.” become tighter with sharp turns with more of a ‘roller-coaster’ feel. A 30-foot wooden bridge will take you into “Seinfeld” then “5 Mins Alone” where both sections are mostly straight and fast until reaching the turn-around.

From the turn-around, “Up-Chuck” becomes slower, more twisty, with sharp turns, and slight ups-and-downs (no significant climbs/elevation). Continuing into “S. Canada” this section is flowy with sharp turns and berms. “W.D.D.A.M.F.” (aka Dan’s Trail) is a short non-flat scenic section of trail which is sandwiched between two ponds, then into “Rat Tail” which contains more sharp turns and berms. Thereafter, in the swamp the “teetah-tottah” is currently MIA. The “Ghost Trail” still contains ‘remains’ of the Race of the Dead. The trail finishes in “Chu-Chut” then “FF Connection” up the levee climb to the shell road which will take you back to the parking area.


In conclusion, the trail is designed to suit the most inexperienced rider. Advanced features have ‘go-around’ or ‘bypasses’. As with any trail, with faster speed the trail becomes more challenging.

NEVER modify or make changes to the trail without consulting NOMAMBO.