1. Choose the right bike

The main thing is to be aware of which bike is best suited to give the first pedals in the world of mountain biking. And since Virtue is in the middle, the best thing is to buy a mid-range bike. Avoid the barges with bargain prices, typical of shopping malls and big hypermarkets. Even if you think that for 100 or 200 euros you will have a mountain bike in condition, you will only get a pile of junk that will end up getting dust in your garage. The best thing is to opt for a specialized shop, with dependents who will surely be able to guide you with skill.

For 500 or 600 euros you will have a mountain bike for many years, a traditional brand in the sector, which will guarantee you security, robustness, handling, and access to components when you need any change. In this sense, it is also advisable to flee from the highest-end bikes, which rond or exceed a thousand euros. It is an excessive expense for something that is not yet very important to you; it probably offers more things than we will need in the beginning and it could be double suspension, something not recommended for beginners on the mountain bike.

  1. Be aware of your possibilities

Now that you’ve got the most important thing, you need to be mindful of how to use the energy on our mountain bike. Too quick a start can make us have a hard time or hate something we should enjoy. Therefore, about half of the planned route should be made at a moderate, almost warm-up rate, and from that moment gradually increase the intensity of the exercise. Little by Little, your rhythm will be higher.

  1. Don’t exaggerate the first week

Related to this, it is necessary to take things slow. We’ve all been excited about something, and you don’t see the time to do it. But especially in the beginning, your body will need rest: Dose Your Exits, and in time you will be able to climb more frequently on your mountain bike.

  1. Listen to the voice of experience

Like when you go shopping for the mountain bike, let yourself be advised. You may have seen a lot of cycling, been on the road for years, but none of that will give you the wisdom of those who have been riding a mountain bike for years. As it is best to go out as a group -it is easy to access clubs or groups of mountain bikers – soak up the advice and knowledge of those who know.

  1. The water!

Another common mistake is not to hydrate and feed as needed. You can feel good, stay focused on the road and get the adrenaline going through the roof, but remember that your body deposit can signal an alarm when there is no longer a short-term solution. Our performance will always be better if we continuously hydrate and in small quantities.

  1. Watch the transmission.

Do you know that characteristic creaking that happens when the changes happen? Typical of a rookie cyclist. Learn to pause a little while the chain is changing. It’s like a kind of” clutch ” that any tanned cyclist automatically applies.

  1. Are your hands falling asleep?

Of course, Jarhead. It is widespread in cycling when you don’t know how to put the right remedy: if you press your fists as if your life were in it, the blood will stop flowing. Relax and be aware that the force must be applied mostly to the lower part of your body.

If you’re already clear, you don’t need anything but the Will and the intention to take a mountain bike and open up a new world of experiences and possibilities.

  1. Lose your shame

The first time you dress in biker clothes, especially if you’re not used to it as a child, you can feel pretty ridiculous. Be aware that both the jersey and the culottes are essential for you to roll comfortably and cool on your bike. They are garments designed for cycling and that, one way or another, has to be noticed. So you know, let’s lose the shame!

  1. Lose your fear

Careful, this doesn’t mean you’re reckless. You should be aware of your limitations and the risks involved in cycling, whether road or mountain. Having said that, if mountain biking is to enjoy, not to suffer. Relax, pedal, and enjoy the sport, which is why you’re on the trails.

  1. Don’t lose the illusion

As long as you’re a rookie on the mountain bike, you have to be aware that you’ll be the last monkey. You’ll probably get out of the dumpling and feel unable to follow its rhythms. But remember this: if you make the necessary effort, one day you will be one of those voices of experience for a young and tender boy.

And these are our ten rookie tips on the mountain bike. You know, get to work and don’t hesitate to open your life to a new world of experiences and possibilities. And if you’re already a consummate expert, tell us, what advice would you give to a young boy who starts cycling? We read you on our social networks!